Create GPT Chatbots With Google Sheets

Botsheets enables more accurate, more personalized, and more delightful AI chatbots. Best of all, we keep AI in sync with your spreadsheet data while you keep control over the data you share with AI.

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Generate Cards

Collect Responses

Let AI generate questions to collect and write responses to Google Sheets.

Generate Responses

Generate Responses

Let AI query your data and generate personalized responses to messages.

Generate Insights

Generate Insights

Let AI analyze your data and generate insights with charts and graphs.

Create a Chatbot in 5 Minutes

Easily create, publish, and monitor AI chatbots with zero technical knowledge. Developers can use our API to build custom apps.

Train AI

Add a Data Source

Connect multiple data sources to a single chatbot. Botsheets monitors changes to connected data and keeps AI in sync with your data so you can train AI at the source.

  • Connect Google Sheet documents
  • Connect Webpages
  • Upload and import PDF documents
Customize Chatbots

Add Your Brand

Match your website look and feel and pick and give your chatbot a personality that matches the voice of your brand.

  • Match your website's look and feel
  • Remove Botsheets branding
  • Use your own chatbot URL
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Share Your Chatbot

Add a chat widget to your website, embed chat into a page, connect with our API, or just share a direct link.

  • Integrates in seconds
  • No coding or technical skills required
  • Copy and paste snippets
Customize Chatbots

Delight Your Users

Enable different types of engaging conversational experiences depending on your use case.

  • Collect leads with chatbots that write to Google Sheets
  • Gain insight with chatbots that analyze your data and respond with charts and graphs
  • Use Google Sheets as a customer support database and improve CRM

Powerful No-Code Chatbots

Whether you want a simple knowledge base for lead generation and customer support, or a data analyst to generate actionable insights, Botsheets enables a best-in-class conversational experience.

Feature 3

Read & Write

Chatbots read data and also collect and write data to a spreadsheet.

Feature 1

Multiple Data Sources

Add multiple sheets, PDFs, and webpages to a single chatbot.

Feature 2


Connect data sources once. We keep AI in sync with your data changes.

Feature 4


Automatically understand and respond in 90+ languages.

Feature 5

Easy Integrations

Add a widget, embed chat into a page, or share a direct link.

Feature 6

Brand Integration

Customize the look, the tone, even use your own domain name.

Feature 4

The Latest AI

Powered by GPT-4o using our credits or with your own OpenAI Key.

Feature 5

Customizable Rules

Set rules of engagement to meet your objectives with our Prompt Editor.

Feature 5

Privacy First

We only access data you choose and never use your data to train ChatGPT.

Don't Take Our Word For It

We've been specializing in chat automation with Google Sheets since 2019 and have powered thousands of chatbots. The current iteration of Botsheets was a top performer on Product Hunt.

Testimonial 01
There's this thing called Customer Support. It's a term rarely lived up to by many (if not most) companies. That is not the case with Botsheets. Holy wow! 💯💯💯
Suzanne Hawken, Facebook Marketer
Testimonial 02
Botsheets is an effective way for my clients to manage key elements of their bot content themselves. If you get stuck, their support is quick and to the point.
Adjunga Nossin, Agency Owner
Testimonial 03
We were looking for an easy solution to organize and retrieve car inventory. Botsheets provided this solution. No coding necessary and easily adaptable to different niches.
Scott Heliker, Car Dealer

Choose The Right Plan For Your Needs

Try it free with no credit card required. Subscribe monthly and cancel anytime, or grab our Lifetime Deal only available until June 30, 2024.

Pay Monthly
Lifetime Deal



Ideal for internal use and light public chat interactions. Messaging is capped.

2 AI Chatbots

500 Chat Credits Per Month

500,000 Doc Character Limit

24 Hour Data Sync

Write 1000 Rows

Read Unlimited Rows

3 Day Chat History


Remove Botsheets Branding

Add Your OpenAI Key for unlimited messaging

API & Webhooks

Custom Chat Domain



Ideal for public white label chat. Add your own OpenAI key for unlimited messaging.

5 AI Chatbots

2000 Chat Credits Per Month

10 Million Doc Character Limit

6 Hour Data Sync

Write 25,000 Rows

Read Unlimited Rows

7 Day Chat History


Remove Botsheets Branding

Add Your OpenAI Key for unlimited messaging

API & Webhooks

Custom Chat Domain



Ideal for agencies and those who need unlimited white label chatbots and service delivery.

Unlimited AI Chatbots

10,000 Chat Credits Per Month

Unlimited Doc Character Limit

1 Hour Data Sync

Write Unlimited Rows

Read Unlimited Rows

30 Day Chat History


Remove Botsheets Branding

Add Your OpenAI Key for unlimited messaging

API & Webhooks

Custom Chat Domain